Energia Prize: Letter of Congratulations

July 12, 2017

Following the Energia Prize we received last May, we’ve received a congratulation letter from the Minister of “Développement Durable, Environnement et Lutte contre les changements climatique” of the province of Quebec. We thought we’d share the letter:



 I would like to address my most sincere congratulations on winning the “AQME Prize” during the 2017 Energia Contest organized by l’Association québécoise pour la maitrise de l’énergie (Quebec Association of Energy Efficiency). This prize crowns the efforts you demonstrated in implementing exemplary energy efficient and greenhouse gas emission-reducing practices.

You have understood: relying on energy efficiency and renewable energy is a winning choice! Thanks to its integrated concept, the Mountain Equipment Co-op Head Office in Vancouver is now a model for energy efficiency and sustainability. I congratulate you!

 With this project, you are working in the direction of Quebec’s objectives in matters of sustainable development and the fight against climate change, one of the largest issues of our century. Society needs now, more than ever, companies and organisations who, like you and your client, choose to be leaders in reducing their ecological footprint.

 I encourage you to continue innovating and expressing your creativity by implementing environmentally friendly practices in the development of all your projects. Every effort counts! The sum of all our actions will allow us to build a more carbon-responsible economy. In other words, let us work together and offer our children a better quality of life.

 Please gentlemen, have my most sincere salutations.


David Heurtel


Congratulations to the whole MEC Head Office team!