UBC Koerner Library Concept

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November 9, 2023

We’re excited to share renderings for this great little project! Proscenium recently completed the concept design for a boutique institutional renovation at UBC Koerner Library. The project intends to transform 3,500 ft2 of space in UBC Koerner Library for dedicated graduate research.

UBC engaged Proscenium in 2023 to design a separate and enclosed study area for graduates on the library’s second floor. The scope included new furniture, finishes, acoustic treatments and mechanical/electrical/fire/life safety modifications.

Our vision for the interiors was to establish an attractive, design-forward environment that supports today’s grad student. Responding to the room’s unique characteristics—including the multi-level circular planter that descends through the library—our design creates a timeless, warm and organic space that is visually varied yet highly functional, providing students with collaborative learning spaces and individual focus areas (lounges, study carrels and focus zones).

Thoughtful space planning maximizes natural light and allows for ample access to charging/USB outlets for personal electronics. Wood slats serve multiple functions, both practical and aesthetic—concealing mechanical elements, providing useful acoustic absorption and establishing a sense of linearity and cohesion in the overall design.

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