UBC MacLeod Renewal

The MacLeod Building Renewal comprehensively refreshed UBC’s Electrical and Computer Engineering building for a new generation of study. The extensive renovation project, a collaboration between Proscenium and Teeple Architects, carried out a sensitive architectural retrofit of a 1967 building designed by the celebrated Vancouver firm Thompson Berwick & Pratt.

This project renovated the building down to its basic structural elements, to carry out seismic, code updates and a full reprogramming. The revitalized facility now allows the ECE to take advantage of the best of 21st Century learning to meet their current and future pedagogical aspirations. Intentional transparency between hallways and classrooms creates a “living lab,” showcasing the learning and research that make UBC’s ECE a world-class program. Special program sections include workshops, maker spaces supporting 3D printing, and circuit board construction.

UBC MacLeod Renewal was carried out with an ambitious green agenda to achieve LEED Gold, with energy targets commensurate to new-build laboratory buildings.

PHOTOGRAPHY/RENDERING: Andrew Latreille Photography
LOCATION: Vancouver, BC
SIZE: 78,383 ft2
AWARDS: 2023 ACI Excellence in Concrete Construction Awards

2024 SABMag Canada Green Building Award