Residential Design at PAI

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April 17, 2023


Proscenium has over twenty years’ experience providing architectural and interior design services for single and multi-family residential projects. Our architecture and interior design professionals work in an Integrated Design Team format, and a dedicated interiors department consists of eight full-time individuals.


Our firm is community-minded, client-focused and takes a process-driven design approach to our projects. We strive to create functional and attractive spaces that respond to a site’s challenges and opportunities and benefit the neighbourhood. Our extensive experience with residential and mixed-use projects is varied and includes single-family homes, heritage homes, boutique and large multi-family residential.

Elenore on Fifth

Our interior design strategy is based on the principles of timelessness and live-ability. We are passionate about creating practical and beautiful urban homes that allow people to thrive in their daily pursuits and live lightly on the planet. Our unit designs consider the health and well-being of users, maximizing factors like natural light, ergonomics and acoustic separation. We aim to provide the best quality and sustainable options to our clients within the project budget.

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