Massey Theatre Renewal

Proscenium is excited to be working with the City of New Westminster on the upcoming Renewal of the Massey Theatre. The project consists of two phases: initial investigations to define the scope of work, and a renovation/upgrade to address the immediate needs of the facility.

Now run by the Massey Theatre Society (MTS), the Massey is the oldest civic theatre in New Westminster. It was built in 1948 and operated by the school district as a roadhouse for touring artists and entertainers. Proscenium has a long history with the Massey going back to 1997 through various projects, including developing the Massey Theatre Facility Assessment in 1997 that paved the way for important upgrades and renovations between 2001 – 2013.

Proscenium’s phased work has included many aspects of the project, such as increasing the size of the lobby and public areas, improving the acoustics of the stage and audience chamber and reconfiguring the back of house facilities. In 2021, Proscenium undertook a service connection project that finally made The Massey Theatre independent from the adjacent school slated for demolition.

CLIENT: City of New Westminster
LOCATION: New Westminster, BC