Ottilia Toldi

Architectural Graduate


Architectural Graduate, M. Arch, B. Arch

Ottilia began her professional journey in Italy, where she earned a Bachelor and Master of Architecture from Polytechnic University of Milan. After working at firms in Barcelona, Portugal and Vancouver, Ottilia joined the Proscenium team in May 2023 as an Intermediate Architectural Graduate with over five years' experience. Ottilia's portfolio encompasses a wide range of architectural projects including high-rise buildings, residential and commercial spaces, urban planning and small-scale renovations. At Proscenium, she has been actively involved in the development of a rental high-rise and hotel project in the District of North Vancouver.

Ottilia's creativity extends past architecture into various forms of artistic expression, including photography and illustration. She also has a passion for language, particularly the Romance languages, and is currently studying French. Drawing from her extensive background and multifaceted interests, Ottilia approaches every architectural challenge with a unique perspective, delivering work of the highest standards.

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