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2108, 2017

Metal Construction News article: Rheinzink

August 21st, 2017|Architecture, Design, All|

Renovating a Historic Cathedral Marcy Marro, Editor, Posted 07/03/2017 RHEINZINK protects and preserves heritage of 120-year-old church Built in 1894, Christ Church Cathedral was the first church in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. Over the past  22 years, the church underwent a major four-phase renovation, which concluded with the total replacement of its roof. The church's original roof was cedar shake, and over the years, various additions and modifications were undertaken,

2208, 2016

Christ Church Cathedral Bell-Spire

August 22nd, 2016|Architecture, Design, All|

A crowning feature of the current project is the addition of the highly anticipated bell-spire at the north-east corner of the Cathedral,  set atop the existing elevator core. This open glass and steel structure housing four electronically controlled and custom cast bronze bells will be one of the last Architectural additions to this project. This weekend was an exciting milestone, as the bells were lifted

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