PAI Team: Meet Mahtab, Interior Designer!

March 6, 2024

Introducing Mahtab Kiani!

We are very glad to welcome Mahtab, Intermediate Interior Designer, to the team at Proscenium! Mahtab brings over five years’ experience in the industry and is skilled at drawing in both Revit and AutoCAD. Mahtab has worked on all phases of the design process, including guiding a project through Contract Administration. She specializes in adaptable design and is a LEED Green Associate.

Where were you born?

I was born in Iran,  city of Esfahan.

How did you get into interior design? 

My dad is a furniture designer/millworker, so I grew up playing with woodblocks in his workshop. Ever since those early memories from my childhood I had a fascination with the way building mass occupies the space and affect the user behaviour/surrounding. My fascination with interior design started once I started to explore the relationship between architecture and social justice!

What class in school has proven to be the least useful?

I started my education with a few confusing years as an electrical engineering student at SFU, so I’d say computer science classes. Not my thing!

What is the best building of all time?

Tadao Ando’s Church of Light

Your favourite restaurant in Vancouver is…

The recent favorite is Carlino on Alberni.

You never leave home without…

My headphones.

Your Great Escape would be to…  

To travel.

What single piece of technology makes your life easier?


If you were an animal what animal would you be?

Mountain Goat.

What word do you have trouble saying?

Onomatopoeia :/