PAI Highlight: Mixed-use design on the Greenway

January 11, 2024

Introducing a new mixed-use project on Barnard Street in Vancouver for PC Urban! The Barnard Southlands project includes three two-storey industrial buildings—two that mirror each other and a third triangular building that follows the shape of the site.

The project occupies a prime location on the Arbutus Greenway, a cycling route that connects South Vancouver to Downtown.

The natural slope of the site drives the design, orienting the buildings east-west. A combination of industrial materials including expressed concrete, black framed windows and steel canopies compliment the onsite uses and reflect the surrounding neighbourhood.

The distinct industrial aesthetic is given a unique sense of character by the rhythmic arrangement of precast panels and windows, which visually break up the façade.

A dramatic glazed corner feature draws attention and gives the buildings a defining identity from the street view.

This project is in progress!

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