Nest at Cook Street Plaza

Nest is a new mixed-use 12-storey condominium building in Victoria, BC by Chard Development. Proscenium is providing full architectural and interior design services for this high-rise urban residential building as part of a larger Cook Street Plaza. The multi-building development on the corner of Cook Street and Yates Street shares a central landscaped interior mews.

Nest is designed to be a cozy community hub, including 113 condominiums with retail at the ground level, including a restaurant with outdoor space. It also accommodates a daycare facility and a community bike-share program for residents.

The architecture reflects a modernist aesthetic with carefully thought-out forms to create livable living spaces. Generous south-facing decks provide ample outdoor space while also giving shade to the level below. We chose different materials for the tower than the ground level and podium to create a more interesting public realm. The interior design follows a directive of “soft urbanism”, with minimalistic, contemporary finishes. Units feature a neutral and golden monochromatic palette, incorporating layers of texture and elements of nature for a Westcoast feel.

CLIENT: Chard Development
LOCATION: Victoria, BC