Langara College Science & Technology Building

The Science & Technology Building is a collaborative project with Teeple Architects. Conceived of as the gateway for the Langara College campus, the building boasts an impressive cantilever over the 49th Avenue entrance roadway.

The building is organized into two primary blocks, one on top of another. The lower block consists of the College Registrars offices, Computer Science and meeting rooms available to all faculties on campus and some community collaborations. These program elements were considered carefully to encourage as much activity as possible for this new gateway building. It was symbolic that new students and visitors would enter the campus through the Science & Technology building.

The upper block contains the Science faculty consisting of Physics, Nursing, Biology, Chemistry and Kinesiology along with some general classrooms. The various departments were organized in a way to maximize efficiency of space by placing those departments that require intensive mechanical systems at the top, thereby concentrating the bulk of the building’s systems to the upper floor.

As Langara College is a sustainable campus, this project has been designed to LEED Gold standards. One of the most ambitious initiatives was to reduce the overall on-site parking by encouraging public transit and car share programs.

CLIENT: Langara College
LOCATION: Vancouver, BC
SIZE: 137,000


2018 Lt. Governor Merit Award

2018 SAB Green Building Award