Earles Street

Proscenium is providing full architectural design services for Earles Street, a dynamic new residential development in the Collingwood neighbourhood of Vancouver. The project includes a six-lot consolidation with four buildings built above a shared underground parkade.

The design of this residential block is intended to create visual interest and diversity from the street view. The façades along Earles Street feature a mix of brick cladding and contrasting panel that visually break up the massing of individual elements. Windows and wood-textured panels add warmth and balance out the weighty brick, overlaid with a rhythmic application of vertical privacy walls and balconies.

The four buildings form complimentary mirrored pairs, creating a central entry axis. Ground-oriented units feature direct courtyard or sidewalk entrances and patios, while upper units open onto private decks. The site’s double loaded corridor, exterior single-loaded corridor, and townhouse elements work together to form a shared courtyard space that is acoustically insulated from street noise, creating a peaceful outdoor amenity area for occupants. A shared rooftop space on the north corner of the site gives users rooftop views towards the mountains.

This project is currently in the design phase with an estimate starting date of construction in summer 2023.

CLIENT: Chard Development
LOCATION: Vancouver, BC
SIZE: 117,602 ft2