Barnard Southlands

Proscenium is providing full architectural services for a mixed-use project on Barnard Street in Vancouver by PC Urban. The project includes three two-storey buildings intended for industrial use—two that mirror each other and a third triangular building that follows the shape of the site. Their combined square footage is 11,207 m2.

Proscenium used the natural slope of the site to drive the design, which orients the buildings east-west. A stepped form from north to south allows views, good sunlight access and two service driveways for access. The architectural expression uses a combination of industrial materials complimentary to the onsite uses and surrounding neighbourhood, including expressed concrete, black framed windows and steel canopies. The distinct industrial design is characterized by the rhythmic arrangement of precast panels and windows, visually breaking up the façade. A dramatic glazed corner feature draws attention from the street and gives the buildings their defining identity.

The project aims to create a healthy and enjoyable workplace for its occupants, taking advantage of the site’s adjacency to Arbutus Greenway, a cycling route that connects South Vancouver to Downtown. The street edge is softened with landscaping and plantings that act as a buffer between the sidewalks and buildings, demarcating the main entries. Units include end-of-trip facilities such as bicycle storage, full-height lockers and showers to encourage reduced vehicle use.

LOCATION: Vancouver, BC
SIZE: 120,631 ft2