Arbutus Kollel

Proscenium developed a study for a local Kollel, a Jewish learning institute and community centre in 2021. The project was devised to have a welcoming appearance from all sides, providing through-connections to the Arbutus Greenway at the back of the site. The Greenway is a City of Vancouver project to create a walking, biking, and rolling path that stretches from False Creek to the Fraser River in Vancouver.

The ground floor of the Kollel was designed as a buzzing community hub with social spaces, restaurant and cafés. The volume of the main hall on the second floor is skewed in plan to reflect the direction of Jerusalem, differentiating it from the rest of the building as a space that exists in relation to something outside of the usual street grid. The third floor of the project consists of office spaces.

CLIENT: Undisclosed
LOCATION: Vancouver, BC