Rachel Maddock

Communications Coordinator


Communications Coordinator, BA, DDS

Rachel Maddock joined Proscenium as a part-time Communications Coordinator in 2020 with a background in dance, arts writing and visual culture. She has a Bachelors of Visual Culture & Performance Studies (with Distinction) from SFU’s School of the Contemporary Arts. Rachel is interested in creative communication but also loves the technical aspects of writing, including copy editing. She quickly become integrated into the team at Proscenium, leading the preparation of proposals, marketing, and content creation.

As a dancer, Rachel has always been interested in architecture: the organization and quality of space it creates, and how buildings affect the movement of bodies. Her time spent studying Rudolf von Laban’s Choreutics and theories of space harmony at Trinity Laban Conservatoire in London, UK continues to inform and inspire her. At Proscenium, she enjoys the quick pace of the office and contributing to building office culture with event planning and fundraisers.

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