Meet Ee Jay, our new Junior Architectural Graduate

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June 29, 2021

A warm welcome to Ee Jay, who joined our firm last month as a Junior Architectural Graduate.

Where were you born?

Petaling Jaya, Malaysia. It is a city of an estimated 600,000 people, and a 20-minutes drive to Kuala Lumpur, the capital city.

How did you get into architecture?

When I was a kid, I liked to make handicrafts and drawings. Initially, I thought of becoming an artist. However, my parents discouraged me because I can’t make a living on that. Therefore, the closest option was to pursue career in architecture.

What class in school has proven to be the least useful?

Electrolysis in Chemistry, I just do not understand the logic.

What is the best building of all time?

Brion Cemetery by Carlo Scarpa. The details are subtle, yet breathtaking.

Best brunch spot in Vancouver is…

Chewie’s Biscuit along 4th Ave & MacDonald St.

You never leave home without…


Your Great Escape would be to…  

Isolated places with great scenic view.

What single piece of technology makes your life easier?

Rice cooker.

What is your spirit animal?

Probably an owl, I feel more active and calmer during the night than day.

What word do you have trouble saying?

I can’t think of any words, maybe a lot when I speak too fast!