The Great One : Proscenium’s Matthew Kurnicki

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March 24, 2014



Where were you born? Warsaw, Poland

Where did you go to school? Why? Universite de Montreal, because it was in French & I could not  speak English at the time

What’s your most prized article of black clothing? Shoes

What was your most recent splurge? I paid for my son’s bathroom renovation.

Who do you have an architectural/interior design crush on? Corbusier

What is the best building of all time? Pantheon

What are some of your favourite micro-breweries/food-trucks in Vancouver? None

What do you never leave home without? Kissing my wife

Your Great Escape would be to? Italy 

What are you doing for fun when you’re not at Proscenium?  Go to classical music concerts after having latte with friends.