Vicki Skovle

Intern Architect


Intern Architect, AIBC, M. Arch, B. Arch

Vicki joined Proscenium in 2022 with over nine years' experience as an architectural designer and technician. She has a Master of Architecture from the University of Maryland in 2006 and Bachelor of Architecture from Amherst College, MA.

Vicki has a versatile skill set and has worked on a broad range of projects for Canadian architectural firms. She has particular expertise in urban mixed-use buildings, senior's and affordable housing projects and transit design. Vicki also played an important role in a Master Plan for a secondary school campus in B.C. and developing a rezoning and revitalization strategy for an aging industrial town. Vicki has worked on projects of all sizes with a focus on advancing sustainability at the neighborhood scale.

Vicki loves travel and experience the ways other people organize their lives and public spaces. She is interested in mass timber design and new sustainably-produced materials. Outside of work, she loves to go for hikes and play basketball with her daughter.


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